You need IP protection
✓ To raise funds
To protect yourself from patent trolls
To gain a competitive advantage
Here's a smart way to do it for free
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Proof of ownership produced by iReg is recognised in 179 countries
Protect any documents hassle-free. Connect your cloud storage and iReg will automatically register your ownership
Each remember of out team has at least 5 years of legal experience.
International protection
API for copyright protection
Protect all your files on the go
You provide clear copyright evidence on every idea you have created. Recognised in 179 countries
connects to your storage without copying your files
Save all the necessary data and files into your cloud storage
Keep your focus on creating and developing
Automate your IP protection
Useful for:

Protect your working results without risk of not fulfillment

No need to mail files - just send link and transfer IP after payment.

Teams and business

Smart tool to keep all IP made by remote employeesin one place

Automated process to obtain copyright certificate

179 countries legal protection with evidence satisfy the Court

Get your startup investment-ready
You are creating a cool project that needs to be protected to attract investment
How it works?
The generated certificate, together with the project data, is stored on 3 independent IREG servers for 70 years
The system loads data from the client's personal account and automatically generates a certificate of deposit
Creation of evidence
A file of any type is transferred to the IREG system with hash-sum calculation to assess its uniqueness
1. We form a report that will describe the legal side of the project from the point of view of IP

2. We form all the documentation necessary for working with contractors, employees and investors

3. A pool of protected projects inside your product: from a business model to drawings and a logo with a website
The result is we make an intellectual asset out of chaos
* Before providing the service, an NDA is signed between IREG and your project to guarantee the protection of your developments
What our clients say:
Ireg knows how to suceed
without army of lawyers, sharing your sensitive data, years of waiting and $10k budget
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